Saturday 16 October 2010

My Little Etsy Shop - Umm Salihah's Creations


I have finally opened my little etsy shop. There are only a few items on there but I hope to upload lots more over the next few days.

Please do make dua for my venture.


  1. Mabrook sis! I noticed you had the etsy shop a couple of days ago ma sha Allah! May Allah bless it for you!

  2. Yay!!!!!!! I'm excited for you ;)

    inshallah this will be a positive experience for you. May I post a link to your shop?

    Assalsmu alaykum ukhti.

  3. Salam sis! Glad to see your online shop. May Allah swt give baraka in your work. I am very sure that your cards will get sold quite rapidly Insha-Allah. Please do add all the other beautiful cards too. I have to go to a baby boy's akikah today and realized all the cards I bought from you are for baby girls :-( I remember I couldn't resist the cute baby girl cards you made! Wish you all the best sis :-)