Sunday 10 February 2008

A New Renaissance

From my journal, 20 May 2006:

I have come to notice recently, more and more Islamic art, artists and it seems, an explosion of creativity. There seems to be a global emergence of Islamic nasheed artists (Zain Bhika (SA), Sami Yusuf (UK), Dawud Wharnsby Ali (Canada), Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia) etc), recitors of the Quran (Hassan Rasool, Kamal Udin), media (Islam Channel, Emel and Salaam magazines, Building Bridges TV), artists (textiles, sculpture, fine art). Most of these people appear young, talented and best of all in love with their deen.

There is a common notion that out of pain, oppression and chaos comes creativity. It seems to me that as we turn to Allah with love and hope, He brings great beauty into our lives.

From Saiqa Aslam’s column for the February 2008 edition of Emel magazine:

Islamic art, a vast and hugely diverse body of work spanning fourteen hundred years, has always had the veneration of God as its central focus….Islamic art is, clearly, enjoying a renaissance and it is an extremely exciting time for Muslim artists and art lovers in Britain.

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